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Every Wednesday at 18:30 at Leith Street x Little King Street (outside St Mary’s Cathedral), Edinburgh.

Our Wednesday Social Run is where it all started. If there is a night that you want to join us or see what we are about, then this is it.  

There’s no need to sign up or register for the Social Runs, simply turn up.  Bring good vibes, good chat and enjoy the run.

How it works

What to expect

Run LEaders

We always have a front runner and back runner for each distance. No one passes the front runner, or falls behind the back runner.

Look out for eachother

Try to speak to someone new, make sure no one runs alone. Have each others backs.

Leave the headphones at home

We want to get to know you and you to get to know others, so take a night off from the music or podcasts.

Smile for the camera

We will take photos and video. If you don't want to appear in those, thats ok - just let us know.

Our meet up point

Address: Leith Street x Little King Street (outside St Mary’s Cathedral) 


Your questions, answered

We ask that you are capable of running a minimum of 5k continuously, regardless of pace. However, we do stop for breaks with all of our runs.

18:30 every Wednesday on Leith Street x Little King Street (outside St Mary’s Cathedral). What3words: ///town.softly.race

That’s ok. As there is no sign-up or registration, you don’t need to let us know. Hopefully we’ll see you at another run.

We can’t guarantee that there will be, but we usually have someone who will drive and be able to look after your bag in their car. 

Yes! If anything, dogs are encouraged.

In winter, we always try to make routes where the entire run is lit up with street lighting. However, if we know you’ll need a torch, we’ll post it in the route information on Instagram the day before.

need to know

Community stories

Join the mailing list

 It’s not a newsletter. We’ll only email you about things that are happening with We Run Edinburgh. If we’ve nothing to say for a month or two, we won’t email you. Equally, you may get a couple within a week or two if we have lots happening.