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Ready to lace up the trainers?

The WRE New Runners course is designed to introduce complete beginners and support fledgling runners to a regular running routine.

what you get

We’ll help you build some endurance, confidence and technique – and by the end of eight weeks, you’ll be running a continuous 5km.

Our group environment offers motivation, accountability, and lots of new friends to run with in the future.

Our run leaders are very passionate about ensuring that each individual gets the most out of this course. We love to encourage women to realise what they are capable of; it’s often more than they think!

Structured session every Tuesday
Lead and supported by Scottish Athletics Run Leaders, these sessions will help you build up distance, stamina and confidence. 

Supplementary sessions
A second recommended run each week (alone or with other group members).

Warm up and cool downs
Learn warm-up and cool-down exercise guides.

Support with related running information
such as races, training, kit and recommended reading etc.

WhatsApp group
A place to ask questions and arrange additional runs with other members of the course.

Route ideas
Routes for running in Edinburgh in between sessions.

WRE merch discount
If you fancy a WRE t-shirt, we’ll give you a discount code towards your purchase.


You will need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to be able to move freely and with the weather in mind.

It is advisable that you are available to attend at least six of the Tuesday evening sessions.

Meet up point

Address: Leith Street x Little King Street (outside St Mary’s Cathedral) 

What3Words: ///town.softly.race

Your questions, answered

Our courses focus on distance, not speed. They are designed to build up endurance to your desired target. It’s quite natural that people run at different paces, but we’ll all run the same distance.

We also have at least one other Run Leader at each session, meaning whatever your pace, we’ll be there to cheer you on!

No you don’t. Our Run Leaders will guide you through the course including any periods of time where you run and walk. However, if you do want to track your progress, download Strava onto your phone and we can help you get set up.

You can progress onto our 10K Club, or continue to build up your 5k confidence with your new running pals and attending events such a Parkrun.

Many who finish this course also start to join our Wednesday Social Run, where we have 5k and 7k runs available each week.

Yes, you can still do the course but you may find the first few weeks quite easy and less challenging.

If you’re returning from injury it can help to have a program to follow and others to run with to build your confidence back up and not do too much too soon. The course is a good way to focus on getting back to running consistently and building your fitness base without too much pressure on distance.

We will only re-arrange Tuesday sessions if it is unsafe to run (for example, very high winds, or when it is very icy). If the weather turns out to be slightly…Scottish… we still run. Your Run Leader will amend routes if necessary, but we don’t let a little bad weather get in the way of running with each other and reaching our goals.

Although we don’t guaratee somewhere to store belongings, someone usually has a car with them. We will let you know in the WhatsApp group before the session.

Paid parking is available in St James Quarter and  Q-Park at Omni. Street parking is available at various areas such as Albany Street, Forth Street and Blenheim Place. Usually, parking will be free from 18:30, but please check in advance if you plan to drive.

The nearest bus stops are on York Place and Leith Street. The nearest Tram stop is Picardy Place.

To plan your route, please check Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams for more information.

Sign up here. 

Please note that sign-up to any running events is not included, you will need to do this separately.

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Your team

Lauren McArthur

Run Leader

Abigail Steed

Run Leader

Karen Jewel

Run Leader

Runner stories

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