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Thinking about running 13.1...

Training for a half marathon, whether your first or your 100th still requires time and consistency. It is important to plan your week ahead and stick to the plan as much as possible. It requires some dedication in and around your usual busy work/life priorities. 

But what if you could share the training with an incredible group of women, all with the same goal of wanting to feel confident when taking those steps over the start line? It’s a no-brainer.

How does it work?

Our only real requirement is that you can run 10k at a consistent pace.  It doesn’t have to be fast as you’ll be working at your own ability, but it needs to be at a stage where you can continually run 10k from start to finish to be able to progress effectively.  

One other requirement is that you have a platform to be able to record your runs such as Strava, Garmin, Apple etc. so that your runs can be seen by your coach through the Final Surge training plan 

Structured session every Tuesday
These sessions will help you build up distance, stamina and confidence running the streets of Edinburgh.

Half Marathon training guide
You’ll get a guide explaining what else you need to do between the sessions to train for 13.1miles. You will see two weeks of training at a time so that you can plan your weeks.

Support getting ready for your event
Kit questions, race day queries, or a pre-race day pep talk, any support you need to get prepared for the race, we can help.

Heylo Group Chat
This is where you can ask questions and arrange additional runs with other members of the course.

Route ideas
Routes for running in Edinburgh in between sessions. 


You will need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to be able to move freely and with the weather in mind.

A platform to be able to record your runs such as Strava, Garmin or Apple.

Our meet up point

Address: Leith Street x Little King Street (outside St Mary’s Cathedral) 


Your questions, answered

If you can already run 10k and you’re looking for your next challenge then why not try the Half Marathon distance? Equally, if you have previously run a half or a marathon but want to focus a bit more time and effort on your half marathon training and making some improvements, then this is also for you.  

This training caters for all half marathon goals, so long as you can already run 10k.

Yes it can.  You can add an extra 4 weeks max and this can be arranged with Lynette. 

That’s ok. The majority of the training plan is done on your own, the group sessions are a bonus and an opportunity to get to know other runners, but it’s not essential.  You’ll still have the group WhatsApp chat to share ideas, ask questions and generally chat to keep you feeling part of the group. 

These are done on a monthly subscription basis for the 12 weeks only.  Once you sign up you will be sent a link to complete and you are ready to go.  

There are no refunds available once you start the training plan, however, if you decide for whatever reason that you can no longer complete the training the subscription will be cancelled before the next payment is due.  Please give 5-10 days notice. 

Firstly, we recommend that you consider the severity of the injury, whether it is something that requires a little bit of rest or if it is something that requires a physiotherapist or doctor to examine. Diagnosing injuries is outside our scope of practice, however, feel free to ask us for our advice on how to proceed and we can advise.  

In terms of the training plan, small adjustments can be made if a week or two is missed but if you feel that you no longer want to continue, the training plan can be cancelled before the next payment is due. 

There are many options, depending on your goals and the outcome of your training.  The next step doesn’t need to be a marathon or even running, it could be working on strength training.  The best thing to do is consider what you want to achieve and focus on and ask the WRE team and we can advise. 

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Run Leader

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Run Leader

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