We Run Edinburgh

Are you ready for an upgrade to your training?

We Run Edinburgh is almost ready for a huge upgrade in what we can offer to our running community.  Since 2017, we have always looked towards the future and how we can keep improving and offering more for each and every runner.

We originally started with our New Runners back in January 2018, followed very quickly with 10k Club/Progressive Runners, then on to longer distances and run technique courses. But, we were missing one thing, a  run-focused gym for the community to strength train. 

Until now. Introducing the Run Strong Studio.

Why it's iMportant

Being a strong runner is vital for longevity in running, helping to avoid injury and faster recovery. It is also important for bone, muscle and heart health as well as improved stability and coordination.  The benefits of strength training far outweigh the drawbacks.  So we want to create a space where you can make strength a big part of your run training.

Lynette has been a running coach and personal trainer for 5 years and bringing both disciplines together has been the dream.  Creating the same friendly environment in the gym as we have on the WRE runs is the goal.  The Run Strong Studio is not about feeling intimidated but feeling capable and inspired to keep progressing and enjoying the company as you train.  If you’ve always hated the gym, then this might just change your mind (well, that’s the hope).  

Also, we think that WRE is the first running community to open a dedicated gym facility in the UK. If you know of any other, we’d love to hear about it.  But until we are proven otherwise, we’ll take that as a win…

The Run Strong Studio is...

Welcoming and Informative

You’ll be welcome in our small but friendly studio.  We’ll show you how everything works, so that you can get stuck in and not feel intimidated by the equipment or the workout.

Creating community and connections

The studio is your space. It’s where you can meet others who lift and run, share experiences, and encourage each other to strive for more. 

We’ll meet up for runs, invite influential people to come and do talks and put on workshops. It will be the hub of all that we do.

Strength and Goal Focused

We want you to love strength training as much as you do running and as a result, see improvements in your cardio fitness and smash those running PB’s!

Meet the team

Lynette Low

Founder of WRE and owner of Run Strong Studio.
Lynette is fiercely passionate about being a ‘strong runner’ so that whatever type of running you are into, your body is robust enough to take the challenge.

She will be offering personal training sessions as well as classes and group sessions based on your needs and experience with strength. She believes that everyone should feel comfortable and confident in the gym environment.

Beth Connon

Beth is an incredible coach, excitable Tribe Cycle instructor and mahoosive Swifty fan. She brings such great energy to the gym and her hugely supportive and trustworthy coaching style, gets great results.

Beth will mostly be coaching on a personal training basis but we hope that a couple of classes and group sessions will be on the horizon once we have a routine sorted.

Fiona Mackay

Fiona is a passionate coach for helping people gain epic confidence in and out of the gym. Her belief in your potential is off the charts, as is her love for chocolate. She is professional and understanding of your needs and before you know it, you are seeing the results of all that hard work.

Fiona will be focused on personal training only, but there may be workshops and other options in the future too.

How to find us

Address: 100b Constitution Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6AW

What3Words: ///combining.trendy.towers 

want to get involved?

Please fill in the form attached and we will be in touch with some options for you and potential dates.  Our space is quite small so availability will be limited.