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"We share our running goals, motivate each other and by running as a group, feel safe enough to run streets in Edinburgh which before felt like they were off-limits."
- Lynette LoW

We Run Edinburgh was started in May 2017 by Lynette Low, who was looking to find a community of runners.  

In winter, many of Edinburgh’s paths and streets become off-limits due for women due to safety concerns. Lynette recalls “I remember running towards one of the main parks in Edinburgh one night, not realising that there was not street lighting going through it. I stopped but a male runner cruised past me and went about his run without a second thought. It really frustrated me, that women have to make such considerations. So, forming a group was perfect to allow us the freedom of the city again and an amazing way to share our running experiences.” 

One Wednesday evening, Lynette decided to start a social run group. It was free to join, all anyone had to do was show up. It started with two people, but now attracts 30-60 runners every Wednesday, offers two distances and is regularly seeing new faces show up and get involved.

Since starting the Social Run, WRE has expanded to offer running courses catering to all runner abilities, from new runners through to marathon distance. It and has a number of run-loving volunteers who love to plot out routes for our social runs, take turns leading, and give back to the community they have grown to love.

We want women to


It doesn't matter your distance or speed. Whatever your running goal is, we want to be the group to get you there with our running courses and good vibes.


As well as clocking up the miles, we want you to get some KG's under your belt and learn how strength training can make you a better runner.

run confident

Running alone or with a group, day or night, running communities brings confidence, and the freedom to explore.

Your questions, answered

Yes. If you’re looking for a mixed running group, drop us a message on Instagram. we’ll happily recommend some other brilliant groups in the area.

We mostly meet once a week for our Wednesday Social Run.  We have other sessions, such as Marathon and Half Marathon Club, 10k Club and New Runners. 

Yes.  We have New Runners groups that cater for the 0-5k runners, then 10k, half marathon and full marathon.  All are encouraged to come along for the social run to chat to different runners about what they are training for etc. 

We have a brilliant run team that volunteer to front or back run the variety of groups to manage pace and keep an eye on everyone.  They have all had experience in the past of being one of our New Runners or one of our other groups and then stuck around to offer their support.  

There’s loads of way to get involved. Find out more about how you can run with us. 

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 It’s not a newsletter. We’ll only email you about things that are happening with We Run Edinburgh. If we’ve nothing to say for a month or two, we won’t email you. Equally, you may get a couple within a week or two if we have lots happening.