We Run Edinburgh

I’ve come to meet some of my best friends in Edinburgh

[Words by Vicky Cox]

I joined the We Run Edinburgh social runs in November 2021 after moving up from London. Having just run the London marathon, I was looking for a way to keep fit in the winter months and to meet new people, as I hardly knew anyone in the city. I’m freelance, so I work from home, and making friends as an adult in a completely new place can be tricky. The group was always so welcoming and friendly and I was compelled to keep coming every week, even when it was pouring down with rain or even -4 and snowing!

Little did I know that over the course of the weeks and months, through running chit-chat and post-run WRE socials, I would meet so many people with which I had things in common. Through the group, I’ve come to meet some of my best friends in Edinburgh. We’ve celebrated milestones, holidayed, and even attended weddings together and now I can’t imagine being without them.

WRE has also inspired me to enter running events (Marathon round 2 anyone?) as the community is so supportive and there’s always someone there to join you/cheer you on. My next goal is The Edinburgh Marathon in 2024.

I would recommend any woman considering joining the group to give it a go. At worst, you’ll get out on a Wednesday night for a jog, a chat and some endorphins; at best, you’ll catch the running bug and meet some life-changing pals!

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